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We Provide Landscape Services For Community Associations (HOAs), Property Management Firms and Directly to Commercial Properties in Collier County


We offer a full array of landscaping services for the commercial properties and community associations of Collier County.  We have a great team in place that is focused on providing excellent customer service and landscaping services. We have teams dedicated to lawn maintenance, irrigation management, pest control, fertilization and landscape services to provide our customers with the best.

We believe reputation and customer satisfaction are key to long-term success in the landscaping industry. By consistently delivering excellent customer service and high-quality landscaping services, we feel we are well-positioned to thrive in Collier County’s commercial property market. Learn more about who we service.

Community association landscaping by Taylor Made Growers in Naples FL


Our weekly schedule ensures that the grass remains well-maintained throughout the year. Proper mowing techniques are essential to promote healthy growth and maintain an aesthetically pleasing lawn. Weed removal is crucial for maintaining a weed-free environment and preventing them from competing with the grass. Additionally, offering pest control services and best practice fertilization applications help to prevent or control any potential infestations that can harm the lawn. These regular and comprehensive services are our commitment to keeping customers’ lawns healthy and beautiful.

Community association landscape Fertilization by Taylor Made Growers in Naples, FL


Fertilizing a lawn regularly gives a healthy green color as well as helps prevent disease and weed problems. We use a custom blend from a commercial supplier to maximize the results while following local regulations and Best Management Practices. Pest control is essential in our subtropic environment. We work with experts to ensure proper treatments are applied throughout the year. We believe in using top of the line products and best management practices to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful!

Commercial Landscaping designed by Taylor Made Growers in Naples, FL


At our company, we take pride in the creation and customization of stunning landscape installations. By using our expertise and experience, we can craft landscapes that truly transform your outdoor space or community association landscaping. We also work alongside landscape architects to bring larger designs to life. We take immense pride in our work, which is why we have been able to foster lasting relationships with our landscape design clients.

Commercial landscape irrigation by Taylor Made Growers in Naples, FL


We inspect and maintain your irrigation systems regularly to ensure that the system is operating properly. Our skilled technicians can quickly identify problem areas in your irrigation system and perform the fix. This will keep your community association landscape looking great all year round.

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